Mount Batur Trekking

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is a trek up to the peak of Mount Batur for capture sunrise while breakfast. This sunrise trek known as the famous and the best sunrise in Bali, to concur sunrise point take approximately by 2 hours hike including several stop during on the way up. The mountain stand with altitude 1,717 m above sea level. The best route to begin your hike is from Toya Bungkah village. This volcano believed as one of the sacred mountain In Bali after Mount Agung and it located between Village and Songan Village, precisely in Kintamani district, Bangli regency, Bali.

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Mount Batur Sunrise trekking begin in darkness with flashlights that guide provided, the path during hike illuminated by nothing more than your flashlights on the hand. The first part is easy but once reaches half way you’ll pass slippery part and you need big effort to concur the summit. Once reaches the summit, the sky turns from black to inky blue to pink and orange that change slowly. From this part you can imagine how far you did 2 hours lately. There are three best spot to enjoying sunrise on mount Batur, that are spot on the south summit called Puncak Jero Salin southeast summit, Spot Puncak Jero Wage the north summit and spot on the northwest summit Puncak Kaja Kauh, Puncak Kaja Kauh is quite one because only few people know that place.
You can sit on the chair overlooking the village rooftops in the bottom, sipping hot drink and having yummy banana sandwich and hard boiled Egg that cocked in the volcanic steam is uncommon experience you will have during your journey. After completion breakfast and take several photos, we will going to concur the rim of main crater ahead bottom rim of main crater, here you can peed monkeys, take picture and make some video. Your Mount Batur Sunrise trekking tour will complete around 9:00 am, it depending how quickly your speed during your trip.
We also provide you the other experience during on the way back to your hotel, we’ll visiting Balinese Coffee Plantation to show you how important plants for Balinese, how they using them for ceremony and how they process them with traditional ways. The most interesting thing you can samples the Coffee Luwak, it the best coffee bean in the world. At that point after completion appreciates the Luwak Coffee will make a beeline to your hotel with bring a brilliant memory.


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